The act of being ugly and or wearing something ugly; Also being a very large female(In a bad way)
Damn!! She's monsterous
by Sha'Vonne January 11, 2008
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The art of abusing people. Of ambushing them with questions, following them with questions, hounding them with questions, driving them to their fucking graves with questions. It’s sort of being like a photographer, except no ones' killed any royalty doing it…yet.
"Those NAMBLA rights assholes are in town today, it's time for some Monstering. "
by tekrub March 13, 2010
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To be rejected by someone romantically because all they see you as is a monster
Dude i got monstered by every chick at the club last night!
by monsterlyfe February 19, 2018
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When two or more women in a household are synchronized with their menstrual cycles.
I have to get out of the house this weekend. My wife and daughter are monsterating.
by jeff74008 March 01, 2012
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When a woman's time of the month makes her extremely grumpy/angry/hungry. Inspired by "Modern Family".
Luke: Did you see Alex cry about the commercial, then scream at me for not bringing her enough ice cream?
Phil: Yea she's totally monsterating right now, stay away.
by ChiliBoy March 07, 2012
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A scary caffeinated drink that Mormon children are told to check their closets for before they go to bed.
Jimmy, if you're hiding Monster in there, you won't be allowed to participate in family game night for a week!
by myster twister November 29, 2009
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