i caught him jizzing in his pants over my picture
by Candy May 9, 2004
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The white shit that comes out your little meat package when you beat it to hard.
Girl: I want to see you jizz.

Guy: Well come over here and beat my meat for me.

Girl: OK!!!
by AceSpaDes80 July 31, 2011
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After masturbation is complete; or the act of cumming on someones face
I Once Jizzed on my girlfriends face.
by Brett April 25, 2005
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"Bro they dude just broke my ankles"
"IK you got them shits jizzed"
by LordLamb October 19, 2018
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is an organic fluid known as semen that usually contains spermatozoa. It is secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals, including slugs, for fertilization of female ova. The process of discharge is called ejaculation.
She got jizz all over her : She has semen all over her.
by Rck February 19, 2007
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To give up and cause your white children to leave your erected penis onto/into either a woman's chest, Back, Arse, Face, or Hair. Sometimes caused by thinking about Women you could never fuck, then rubbing yourself for 1-4 minutes, then finishing on a paper towl, the toilet, outside the window, or onto the computer
Bill: Oh god i'm about to JIZZ!
Anne: Pull out! Pull out!
by unobruno01 May 15, 2013
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