people named crow are amazing friends. they're incredibly nice, and also super super cool and easy to fall in love with platonically, and always looking out for other people. some traits: good at minecraft, very gay, and like a great sense of style like ugh why do you always look so COOL. also they probably have great music taste. on the more serious side, they can really suck at taking care of themself sometimes, and their mental health is probably pretty shitty, so it's important that people are looking out for them. all things considered, you definitely want crow as ur friend, they're great and cool and amazing and just <333
"do you know where crow is?" "yeah, they're over there"
by greenhoodies November 23, 2021
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In naval usage, a crow is the eagle on the petty officer insignia.
I got rated and got my crow.
by Joltin' Joe December 17, 2020
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A word commonly used to describe very nice bud; the skunk variety.
Hold up, lemme just skin a zoot with some of this nice crow I got earlier.
by Liquifux August 5, 2004
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large ginger man-bird, who is a lazy fucker and lives in a garage. he enjoys to smoke weed and drink frosty jacks.
fuck off crow and drink ur frostys u lazy bird fuck
by scumbag56 July 9, 2009
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"Will you stop bloody crowing on and on about that t-shirt"

"You could crow on about that party all night could you?"

by Liam November 15, 2007
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loyal friends.


used around michigan by white people in place of the n word
you ain’t want this smoke fam. my crows wild
by hiddenclose February 1, 2020
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A Crow is a hard dry lump of mucous that has to be dug out of the nostril with a fingernail. North of England dialect.
"You've got a crow hanging out of your nose!"
by The Bogey Man May 25, 2017
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