Lemme is an abreviation of "let me". Although used mostly in text, this vocal verbatim is a key component of the language of modern youths. Since the pronounciation of "let me" requires too many syllables, lemme has become an accepted form of expressing this action.
lemme call you back.
by Matthew Brady March 25, 2005
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Short for "let me". Not discovered by this person. Actually renowned everywhere. When some people say let me, it comes out as "lemme" instead.
Hey, "lemme" pay you back tomorrow, OK?
by erik March 13, 2005
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Short for "let me". Was discovered by accident as a joke by me some months ago. Or has it been a year? Eh, whenever.
Hey lemme call u back since I need to figure out if i can afford that vid card for u, aight?
by wiCkEd eEv January 27, 2003
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Fat under your chin, indicated by another person wiggling it and saying "lemmes"
Hey Chubs, let me see those "lemmes"!
by Pingy and the Fellas December 4, 2016
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laid back stoner likes to steal things has a fetish for fire extinguishers 'really big shoe'
by mary joanna May 23, 2003
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Often used in the phrase "Lemme smash". The calling to your Girlfriend, Wife, or Friends with Benefits requesting sex, as your a horny piece of shit (It often does not work).
There should not be much other reason to use this word than to get some good smash.
"Hey honey!"
"Lemme smash"
*She walks away*
by ThisIsYourDailyDoseOfKYS April 4, 2019
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