The cash crop that is the reason that North Carolina and Virginia are still on the map. One of the products that has been most important to the US economy.
Tobacco has supported me my whole life through high school and now in college.
by Davidbacca#1 February 24, 2006
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An herb the government and the pharmaceutical Industry are using to promote prejudice and discrimination with lies, for a profit.
Pharmaceutical funded "studies" say that tobacco users are killing people with second hand smoke or ETS.
by iopener2000 August 9, 2005
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A sacred herb that is smoked. Has a pleasent aroma when burned. Often used as an offering to spirits/universe/creator. Like many herbs, this herb is sometime abused, instead of used in the proper mindset, which causes other people to curse a very sacred plant. Those people should look at tobacco as a sacred herb, and as the people abusing as abusers.
Little buffalo offered tobacco to the universe by tossing a pintch in the sacred fire.
by Little Buffalo April 8, 2005
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1. A plant whose leaves are dried, fermented, mixed with hundreds of addictives incvluding freebase nicotine, than rolled (usu. by machine), packed, and retailed in licensed outlet.

2. Plant containing nicotine, a carcinogen. In other words, smoking tobacco can cause cancer and a slow and painful death.

3. A legal drug.
Dodge flicked open the packet and offered a fag.
"Want some tobacco, pardner?"
by Kerb November 29, 2004
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Tobacco users are at risk of diseases as are second hand smokers.
by Adam January 27, 2004
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gross filth in the form of a plant. the leaves are dried, combined with more filth in the form of chemicals, and packed in cigarettes. this filth is burned to produce even worse filth in the form of smoke, which is then inhaled by losers.
tobacco sucks gigantic ass, as it causes nothing but harm in the world. it produces litter and makes losers miserably unhealthy. gross.
by chuckybubbles November 5, 2012
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