Snotty, phlegm-like monstrosity, with an axpproximate spooge-like viscosity.
Sensing an urgent and impending need to sneeze, I responsibly turned away from my fellow board members and let go into a semi clench fist held just under my nose, to effectively prevent my airborne germs from spreading freely around the room. Unfortunately when I turned back I had another crisis. What to do with this handful of mucous?
by Stony Curtis May 17, 2010
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A clinical term for vaginal cum- it is a white, viscous ejaculation followed by a good roll in the hay. Known for its unique scent and being hard to swallow.
You've got cervical mucous all over your face.
by une canadianne tres folle April 16, 2011
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A snot and tomato juice highball punctuated with 100-proof vodka, all shaken with ice, garnished with two pimiento pits on a toothpick.
Bartemder, take that little snot over in the corner a Mucous Mary
by The Grottomaster March 27, 2011
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1) Large ball of mucous filled with blood that proceeds a homosexual party where the participants shove their fists up each others ass in a sodomistic fashion.

2) A horribly vile name to call someone who has so far surpassed douchebag status that no other words can possibly express their level of filthy assholery.
Look at that bloody mucous plug from a faggot fisting fiesta.

You're a bloody mucous plug from a faggot fisting fiesta.
by Big Nasty T September 15, 2009
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