It is a substitute word to express # in the modern language. A description word is usually used after the statement "talk about".
For example, "talk about rich" would be a similar connotation to #rich.
by noslen6438 February 22, 2014
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Not as much as once was
Q: you've been working alot?
A: not like talking about
by jjb510 March 22, 2017
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The beginning to every sentence spout from every uneducated, talentless, self-indulgent blowhard sports commentator.
"You talk about a guy who couldn't get work outside of a public bathroom if sports weren't invented, and BOOM, John Madden's name is at the top of that list."
by KCG January 27, 2004
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Phrase used in order to disguise the fact that you are going out to smoke pot.
Johnny: Hey mom im going to Timmys to talk about jesus
Mom: Ok have fun sweetie

Minutes later

Johnny: Dude I love talking about jesus!
Timmy: Me too! Pass the Honey Buns
by callmemunch March 30, 2008
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tasting really good; an expression used in Cajun culture referring to food that tastes really good
"Then we went to the gumbo cookoff. Sha, lemme tell you, talk about good."
by Jesse DeRouen May 19, 2008
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A technique used to get an individual of the opposite sex involved in conversation to later get them to have sex with you.
Paul walked to the drunk girl by the wall and started to talk about the weather
by Ima Midget March 21, 2008
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1.) A discussion focused on trivial matters, not related to the big picture
2.) A meaningless exchange
3.) A downplay of a criticism of oneself
"It's easy to sum it up if you're just talking about practice. We're sitting here, and I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're talking about practice. I mean listen, we're sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we're talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it's my last but we're talking about practice man. How silly is that? ... Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the game. We're talking about practice. When you come to the arena, and you see me play, you've seen me play right, you've seen me give everything I've got, but we're talking about practice right now. ... Hey I hear you, it's funny to me too, hey it's strange to me too but we're talking about practice man, we're not even talking about the game, when it actually matters, we're talking about practice ... How the hell can I make my teammates better by practicing?"

Allen Iverson at a press conference on May 8, 2002
by John Gorman August 11, 2007
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