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the main ingredient in porange
by Liam December 22, 2003
Short for 'reject' or loner
i wish jake wudnt hang around with us, he is such an r!
by Liam December 17, 2003
The description of a paper, turned in to a class, which you did not work hard at all on, but received a disproportionately high grade.
"Hey Liam! How was that bullshit you turned in for your stage management class?" "SHEDAZZLEDOO!"
by Liam November 6, 2006
To fight, to rumble. Originating in inner city gangs, but the term slowly made it's way to suburban posers.
by Liam November 17, 2004
For people who suck at poker. When you lose all of your all-important 'internet money' on a poker site, you can refill your online 'bank account' to get you going again. You usually get 2 refills a day. Once they are gone, you'll need a new poker account to get more play money. Refills are the last grasp of a poker 'no-one' becoming a poker 'someone'. Sadly, this does not apply in real life.
'Garry, I just went all in with four kings!'
'Did ya win!?'
'Nope...lost to some jew wearing a cowboy hat'
'Time for a refill....'

'Garry, want a beer?'
'STFU! Can't you see I'm refilling!'

'Ms. Johnstone could do with a refill'
'Damn straight'
by Liam February 13, 2005
A kangaroo who jusmps off diving boards
Look at that splasharoo
by Liam February 12, 2004
1. (interjection) Similar to pwn and the like, this exclamation is used to exhibit defeat of another, usually during some type of gaming session

2. (noun) The thudding bass section of (usually) hip-hop style music, though it can be applied to any style
*headshots opponent* "Beats!" *brings right elbow down on left palm*

"hey man, check out those fly beats"
by Liam February 16, 2004