70 definitions by Liam

1. (interjection) Similar to pwn and the like, this exclamation is used to exhibit defeat of another, usually during some type of gaming session

2. (noun) The thudding bass section of (usually) hip-hop style music, though it can be applied to any style
*headshots opponent* "Beats!" *brings right elbow down on left palm*

"hey man, check out those fly beats"
by Liam February 16, 2004
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1 adj: stylish, fashionable, hip

2 v: chillin; to hang out, relax
1. check out that supra, it's totally chezlin

2. i'm chezlin with some girl from friendster tonight, hopefully we'll intermate
by Liam December 11, 2003
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Short for 'reject' or loner
i wish jake wudnt hang around with us, he is such an r!
by Liam December 17, 2003
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The hottest sorority known to man... best looking girls, best dancers, biggest drinkers... a parties not a party unless the AST's are there!
Frat Guy: Holy Shit, look at those hot girls dancing on that table, they must be AST's
by Liam February 24, 2005
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Of or pertaining to the urban "street" culture, undergound, based around the core of hip-hop, skateboarding, bmx etc.
You that dude was fly and dressed so street!
by Liam October 24, 2003
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A habit, trait, or custom picked up from a previous sexual and/or romantic relationship.
Brushing my teeth in the shower is a lay-over from Chelsea.
by Liam June 18, 2006
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A portal made of Materials of Wood, Water and Metal
by Liam September 23, 2003
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