An acronym for cunt rag on wheels. A term used to identify a bitchy or difficult woman, particularly an older, very obnoxious female.
The woman on table 15 that sent her burger back to the kitchen is such a C.R.O.W. I can't even stand it. She has been squalkin' at me all night.
by Danny Gusto December 06, 2011
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A Crow is a hard dry lump of mucous that has to be dug out of the nostril with a fingernail. North of England dialect.
"You've got a crow hanging out of your nose!"
by The Bogey Man May 25, 2017
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A military term for a recruit undergoing basic military training.
Stay away from the bar tonight as the crow are allowed in.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
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An adjective which is derogatory towards what you are describing. This began when there were crows picking out of the bin in the back garden which is filled with old plates we couldn't be bothered washing up. I retrieved a tea mug out of this bin to wash and use and so it was dubbed a "crow mug" and I SWEAR it tastes of nest.
Can also be used to describe ugly girls.
Example 1:
"Ugh this burger is well disgusting.."
"Ew, Crow burger.."

Example 2:
*see's a fat girl with her rolls hangin out*
"Aww fuckin crowie over there mate!"
by Ander Anti-Venom February 06, 2008
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Being drunk off of your nuts yelling,cussing, and throwing obscene gestures to rotten women.
Uncle was kicked out of a bar for crowing too hard!!
by UncleRemus August 30, 2005
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Satan in disguise. Never trust these things. They will squack for backup or just plain caw at you until you go crazy. They can often be seen duking it out with bombers (seagulls).
I was walkin down the street and the crow was on a power line. I yelled "you'd better shut up!"
by Rob April 11, 2005
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