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Crowd of friends from the street, ghetto, hood, club, block, or other.
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
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The dudes who go through your fridge without asking.
The dudes who smile as they call you a bitch or a dumbass.
The dudes who kick you when you’re down.
The dudes who tell you to “snap out of it” when you’re really down.
The dudes who ride with you ‘till the motherfuckin’ end.
I got mad love for my homies.
by Forever Remain September 02, 2008
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A friend or close friend very down to do anything you are always has your back and respects you.
Yo me an my homies fucked up that wanksta last night at harby's liqour over on the corner of 5th and general.
by Wigglez April 17, 2004
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When you and your best friend begin to get physical with each other, but neither of you have emotional feeling towards each other. Similar to friends with benefits, but not as complicated.
Guy 1: "Hey, are you and Samantha together, or just friends with benefits?"
Guy 2: "Neither bro, we homies"
Guy 1: "Ahh, I see"
by Kazehana January 22, 2019
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a group of friends (preferable 7) closer than family, originating in small towns, who will do anything for one another
by raycer November 18, 2010
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Refers to fallen soldiers or dead friends (particularly those slain in gang violence). This usage originated in Pittsburgh's East End community Homewood.
- I smashed dat broad last night.
- Put that on da homies cuz
- Homies I hit that.
by H-dub hood star August 15, 2006
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