when a someone is licking a womans pussy from behind and the woman farts in the persons eye
dude, i heard stacy gave dave the skunk.
by im sick in the head March 20, 2010
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"yo y.mstizzy gimme some food please"
"BRUV ARE YOU SKUNKED do I look like a rich man to be giving food ARE YOU SKUNKED, ARE YOU SKUNKED"
by RIK_10official October 9, 2020
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Came about somewhere in New Jersey(I remember it from grade school in Passaic 1998ish, where if one kid says something stupid or gives wrong information, his friends(or simply someone near) declare "no skunk" then proceed to slide their finger across his neck to inflict pain. It has alot of other things involved with it, like when you say "no skunk" the soon-to-be victim can say "softies" and you have to do it softly, or if you say "hardies" you get to do it harder than usual.

See also: medong
1: Pass me that spoon.
2: No skunk! hardies!
2: (gives no skunk) it's a spork!
1: ow.
by E Killer a.k.a. e killa March 1, 2005
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cross breed of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Sativa is the more traditionally smoked outdoor-grown variety which occurs naturally in places like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Africa; Indica is a shorter, bushier variety found in Afghanistan. Unlike pure Sativa, the high it gives is slightly heavy, lassitudinous and mongy.
damn, this skunk is some evil shit, where can I get some?
by Ben June 30, 2003
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Bleh, this shit is skunked, how long's it been in your garage?
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
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If you go fishing and catch nothing.
I went fishing at the Owens River today and got skunked.
by Cuthbert June 8, 2007
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