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'Cathedral of green' is an expression that refers to some of the classic baseball stadiums such as Fenway Park in Boston, Yankee Stadium in New York, or Wrigley Field in Chicago. Often used ironically.
Yes, the Yankees will appear in Yankee Stadium, that fabled cathedral of green in the Bronx tonight.
by Cranberry Bob April 26, 2021
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In France and in other places, Madame Pipi is the title given to female rest room attendants.
Madame Pipi presided over the rest room; keeping it sanitary and providing soap and hand towels.
by Cranberry Bob August 19, 2021
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A make-out bra is what you wear when you anticipate that you will permit your guy to go to second base.
Heather decided to wear her red make-out bra in anticipation of tonight's romancing.
by Cranberry Bob April 08, 2020
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Lateral cleavage is partial exposure of your breasts from the side. Also known as "sideboob" by the crude at heart.
My top was terribly skimpy; and it caused enough lateral cleavage to be revealed.
by Cranberry Bob November 16, 2019
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A lid is a poor amateur radio operator; one who grossly does not follow the rules.
Jack's operator skills can be best described as a lid.
by Cranberry Bob June 19, 2020
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"Little Boxes" is a satirical song written by activist Malvina Reynolds. Tom Lehrer characterized it as "the most sanctimonious song ever written."
Daly City, CA was the inspiration of the song "Little Boxes."
by Cranberry Bob January 09, 2020
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A Methodist pecker checker is a girl who, when making time with a guy, feels his penis and masturbates him if he is tumescent.
Charlene is a Methodist pecker checker; she guarantees a good time.
by Cranberry Bob November 30, 2019
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