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Shy pokies refers to inverted nipples.
Brenda didn't wear a bra today. We saw that she had shy pokies.
by Cranberry Bob November 30, 2019

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When people refer to Turdistan, they are referring to Alabama.
Montgomery is the capital of Turdistan, Alabama; and Birmingham is its largest city.
by Cranberry Bob December 25, 2019

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Sundowning is a term used to describe a decline in cognitive abilities toward the late afternoon or evening. It is a common pattern in senile dementia.
Poor Grandma tends towards sundowning around dusk; she's fairly alert in the morning but gets more confused in the evening.
by Cranberry Bob January 13, 2020

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An immoral Cajun woman.
Florene slept with half of the football team, and th other half felt left out; she was a heaux.
by Cranberry Bob November 15, 2019

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Mississippi is also known as West Turdistan.
Biloxi is a small port on the Gulf in West Turdistan
by Cranberry Bob January 08, 2020

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To say that someone is up shit creek is to imply that he or she or it is in real jam.
I didn't study for my final exam; I'm up shit creek.
by Cranberry Bob January 12, 2020

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A duck wearing a wonderbra refers to a very unlikely event.
My going out with you is as likely as a duck wearing a wonderbra.
by Cranberry Bob November 26, 2019

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