Someone who uses their "authority" whatever it may be in their mind, to try and manipulate and take advantage of a person often do to their own insecurities.
Example 1 Gee, I can't believe that woman took what I said the wrong way.

Yea, she was a total Critch, bro.

Example 2
That woman told me to improve my vocabulary but the truth is she really should improve her listening and comprehension skills.
by WordOfTheday February 21, 2013
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The combination of "crazy" and "bitch" to be used in place of the term "crazy bitch"
Roll another J and let's keep this party going critches!
Hey Critch! Pass the Doritos
She's one messed up critch
by rebellious angel March 7, 2007
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Oh My God, Leah is such a Critch!
Lindsey was acting like a Critch!
by Shae25 June 20, 2014
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A rapper from brooklyn who goes stupid hard on the tracks and does NOT have a rape charge.

Signed to rich forever under interscope, he has dropped heat such as ; Did it again, Ego, Fashion.

He is the hood fav and he signed it never declined it
by LickGodLun December 21, 2018
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loves eating pizza with a fork in a thermos, baseball fanatic, muscle man
evan critch is all muscle
by dawn jr, May 6, 2019
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A nice way of saying "Crazy Bitch."
My boss just texted me twice to remind me about the new store hours...the ones that are posted on the counter right by the register. What a bazy critch.
by GullibleZine May 5, 2009
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Crotch Itch Situation. When in public and you have to itch your genital area, but you are having problems doing so descretely.
My book bag totally covered for me on the bus... I had a major critch sitch.
by am-e lizzabert January 18, 2006
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