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A word that has that possibility of having an endless amount of meanings.

It could either be a word or sound expressing pain, a word that is meant to flatter another, or simply a term that is used to embarrass someone else.

However - when it comes down to it, the words is virtually meaningless.

Additionally, it is the 'phrase' that Lil' Wayne says in many of his 'songs'.
Example 1:

Bill - "Hey girl, you look fine today."

Nick - "Ow, get it!"

Example 2:

A guy walks into a wall.

"OW!" (OUCH)

Example 3:

Jim - "Yo momma is so fat, she sweats in December. Imagine what she smells like in May!"

Random guy - "Ow, burn..."

Example 4:

Lil' Wayne - "OW!"
by Nick Barr October 26, 2011
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Dude did you see that OW Mercy Buff?

Oh they change her to DPS lol
by K1R000 September 18, 2017
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- short for Over Wassabi. This is an extremely painful, though temporary medical condition that occurs when you accidentally eat too much wasabi at once. Symptoms include tearing eyes and burning nasal passages.
Examples: “OW dude! I just over wassabied, and I think my nose is going to fall off!”

I hear that O.W.-ing on a regular basis can cure sinus infections.”
by ocdish March 25, 2011
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Maori slang for "man" as in "wassup man?" hence becoming "wassup ow?"

Pronounced heavily (try saying "ouch" but cutting off before the "ch" sound)
It's most famous use, was by Jeff da Maori in NZ cartoon "Bro Town". Jeff got blamed for smelling like fart when he replied, "Not even ow!"
by FOBMAN May 08, 2005
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