Shortened version of "mind your own business." What you would tell to someone giving unwanted advice or butting in a debate/argument that has nothing to do with them.
1. Mom A. "Why do you feed your baby FORMULA??!! That's like feeding her poison!!!"

Mom B. At least I can FEED my baby. Shut up and mind your own.
by umakemesick September 22, 2015
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To focus on your own life and ignore the lives of others. To refrain from judging, investigating, and mind others people business. To stop being judgemental about others because you know how hard it is to have a good life, so you Mind Your Business. And work on your life instead.
Juana: (sits and works on her homework) She is minding her own business.
Mike: Hey Juana, what you doing? ( Mike is not minding his own business)
Juana: I'm minding my own business while you are not minding your own business.
by Puerto Rican Unicorn July 25, 2023
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Mind Your Own Business
In Other Words:
Leave me the fuck alone, this situation has nothing to do with your ass.
"Mind Your Own Business."
by th3v1rg1ng1rl September 3, 2021
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Its when you are a private person, and well you are having sex, doggy style. You are shy and you are also curious.

While mid "The time between starting and when you finish", what ever that urban dictionary term is. Well, at this time, you decide to conquer your shyness, and slip it in the back door. Make it seem like it just slipped out, then full force it in there, now you have really come out... but she is curious herself and looks back to see whats going on... Since you are shy, and embarrassed, you reflexively punch her in the face and scream "Mind Your Own Business!"

Yesterday it was business as usual... if you know what I mean... har har har... and I had to give her the old "Mind your own business!" right! right fella, you know what I am talking about! Yeah cuz we are men!
by studleemon November 24, 2011
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generally this term will occur when someone's presence or opinion isn't wanted, or when someone should stop being a nosey little fuck and keep on moving.
by Kate Louise February 20, 2017
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Something alot of people cannot do
Another word for "leave me alone" and/or "You shouldn't be involved in this"
Person: "what are you talking about?"

Person 2: "its nothing, mind your own business"
by September 25, 2023
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