a sarcastic way of answering someone who asks you to repeat what you said.

Originated in South Jersey
Will: Damn you're beat.
Tim: What?
Will: What I said.
by sean June 16, 2004
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Used as a substitute for that's what she said/that's what he said in certain instances:

1. You are alone, talking to yourself, and realize no one else is around to say "that's what s/he said" but it's such a good one you can't pass it up.

2. You are trying to seriously flirt and the other person is trying to be respectful/appropriate/otherwise no fun.

3. You are making fun of your own whorish tendencies to cheer someone up.
1. Having just returned from a great workout you proclaim to yourself, "That was long, rough, and I will probably be sore tomorrow but it was worth it!"
After realizing no one is around to take advantage of this opportunity, you can't help but hesitantly say, "That's what I said...?"

2. Person A making appropriate conversation about something: "It's pretty hard but I like a challenge."
Person B in overly sexual tone: "That's what I said."

3. Someone in your group of close friends is in some real trouble and exclaims: "Fuck me!"
You: "That's what I said!"
Your friend: "Hahaha, that is a true story you ARE slutty...laughing makes me feel so much better about how screwed I am!"
by jordanlnk June 11, 2009
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A phrase that is used when someone hears you wrong and tries to correct you by saying what you originally said.
Tom: I went to the movies the other day.
Jim: You mean you WENT to the movies.
by some_guy1829374 March 06, 2008
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Phrase added after a comment to make something completely unsexual sound sexual and usually humerus. Derived from the phrase "thats what she said" and works similar.
"once I finish up with him, I'll get started on you"
"thats what I said"
by ambercake November 24, 2008
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when u say something shocking or unpopular and a bitch gets caught off guard or surprised
person 1: shawn mendes is hot but his music succs
person 2: huh?!
person 1: i said what i said
by periodtluv dx August 23, 2019
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A prickish statement brimming with undertones of adoration, playfulness and belonging often used in lieu of the longer and more appropriate: "That's what I so poorly tried to explain last Monday, but failed at when I got caught up in your smile. I am so impressed that you came to the same conclusion, if only you could see my smile instead of hearing the mumble of my foot in my mouth."
Her: *Heartfelt sentiment*

Him: "That's what I said last Monday"

<Mood is killed>

Her: "Who says that?"
by WhoIsthisIs November 01, 2009
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