"Hey dawg, want some ice cream?"
"Hell yeah! That's my fav!"
by Antisarcasm November 13, 2020
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-The abbreviation of favourite. a pretty jappy slang though
omg! that is like sooo totally my FAV book liek!!! oh wayt...I cant like, read....TOTALLY!!
by ashley May 12, 2005
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Fav. A man with no equal.

He is... Fav.
Rob: Hi Fav...
Cam: Greetings Fav..
Fav: Oh hey guys!
by Goon1 April 5, 2004
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a term that most young women use when identifying their best friends.
awww i love my favs!
by igotmybitch February 3, 2009
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A rogue noob who keeps quitting the game and then comes back to get gladiator and then quits again because he gets banned for spamming LFG channels.
Got the glad title, time to pull a Favs, peace out.
by Retnoob January 17, 2023
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Fancy Ass Varsity Swimmers - Varsity Swimmers that believe that their position as an athlete makes them better than good old regular folk and because they are superior beings, it is unacceptable to allow lesser people and athletes to receive the same treatment and privileges that they do.
The FAVS laughed at the club swimmers when they had to leave the pool because the varsity team needed to practice.

The club athletes tried to eat in the same dining hall as the FAVS but were removed on sight.
by GORF February 22, 2012
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FAV stands for "forever a virgin". This is the type of term that you would label someone who is unlikely or never (in you or your friends opinion) going to receive the "action" that every human being covets. Often used to describe someone who is unknowingly making a fool out of themselves.
After finishing up his drink at the bar, Matthew couldn't help notice a FAV on stage doing disco moves in his pink skinny jeans.
by Chris Smoove July 24, 2012
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