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A person who has similar facial features as a dog
person 1:Yo, you saw that bitch that just walked by
person 2:Yeah she was an absolute critch
by zakcahrai September 29, 2019
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An itch located in the crotchal region usually of noticeable discomfort. For the men who need to sound formal when talking about their nether regions itchiness.
Martin had an intense critch, but as he was in a public setting it would've been inappropriate for him to relieve the annoyance.
by SirHumble February 19, 2018
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The combination of "crazy" and "bitch" to be used in place of the term "crazy bitch"
Roll another J and let's keep this party going critches!
Hey Critch! Pass the Doritos
She's one messed up critch
by rebellious angel March 05, 2007
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