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The head record company that has branched into dozens of smaller labels, that have created some of the greatest, most popular, and most successful music in the world.

In today's American pop culture, gangsta rap music is extremely popular, especially rappers on the "Aftermath" music label. Aftermath has branched into different labels also, like "Shady", and "G-Unit".

The men behind all of this? NWA, mainly Dr. Dre. His work has inspired 100s of different producers, and he has worked with many other rappers and producers themselves.

However, recently, Dr. Dre has received some criticism regarding "G-Unit", a crew of 3 which some find quite illegitimate and repulsive.

Nevertheless, Interescope/Aftermath/G-Unit/Shady Records stands as one of the top record labels in the world, and they have good relations with other labels, such as "Roc-A-Fella", headed by Jay-Z.
Stat Quo!
It's Dre Day!
Shay... ...dee, Aftermath!

All of these guys are the same crew! Interscope Records.
by gplpark92 September 10, 2006
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