a rag used to wipe the sweat from your balls
by Sk May 28, 2003
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A group of high school girls who are very close friends, but people assume shit about them. Just leave them alone, they didn't do shit to you. Stop getting your nose in their business, they are allowed to live their own lives, and you shouldn't give them shit for it. Just mind your own fucking business.
Dont talk about the critch bitches that way.
by Post_Malone December 13, 2017
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A mean term people and upper class men use to describe a awesome group of very close friends. They do not HU with the critch gang and are very nice
Yo stop calling these nice group of people critch bitches because they’re not

Fuck off jerk
by Demi Lovato October 17, 2017
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when you accidentally touch knees

critch can also be a game played by 3 or more people it is like tag but you have to touch knees to tag and scream CRITCH
"Hey man watch your knee you just f*cking critched me!!"

"CRITCH" Jennifer Lawrence screamed as she thrust her knee upon Chris Pratt's
by hydrathedragon May 23, 2019
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1. Essentially being a mother fucking CHAD!!

2. If you are a trader, investor and do something, well anything fucking CHAD, BALLERIFIC or AMAZING You are Critch
Yo you seen that baller over there that mother fucka so Critch.
by hilarious mofoo January 12, 2021
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Similar to crooked.meening not straight, or to be slightly bent.
The Christmas tree is still Critched,we need to straighten it up. Or, That man is Critched as hell.
by Tommy Jon December 24, 2019
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