*1*stands fo' New york
*2*Newyork Yankee's
*3*the hottest hat to be reppin'
*4*east coast
Yo man where ya from Ny
man i got a killa Ny hat!
by 5prinCe5 April 3, 2005
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1: New York

2: norwegian word for 'new'. No kidding.
1:Ever been to New York City?

2: fått deg ny bil? (got a new car?)
by saxojon November 22, 2005
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New York. The beauty of New Tork is that it doesn't matter what race, creed colour or species you are, there's always a scam.
none needed.
by Colette April 11, 2004
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The sound that someone makes while he/she inserts two or more fingers into another an asshole, often between homosexuals teasing each other.
Victim: Dude what the hell are you do-

Culprit: *nying-nying-nying*

Victim: AHHH that hurts so much.
by lazypotato10 November 2, 2010
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a friendly pale little gamer girl Who worships meme culture. She is existentially lonely, and called a Loli, referring to a lolita, in many situations.
this type of girl can also be referred to as a Peepo
Gabby: Wow Ny Ny is kinda lame
Anphony: Nah, she is just a loli
by ElysianIsAdrift July 15, 2021
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Neck Yourself. MUCH less formal and nicer term for KYS (Kill Yourself). Can be used with friends or in the "I" form without actually looking like a suicide attempt. Use NMS (Neck Myself).
OMG this quiz is so hard I just want to NMS. (I form)
Kid you don't know how to party go NYS.
by FreezeEdits March 25, 2015
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The abbreviation for Neck Yourself. The common slang used for a derogatory term. Similar to Kill Yourself (KYS). The action of hanging yourself.
Jason: I am feeling very depressed.
Eric: NYS
by NigerianFam February 16, 2017
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