the person who is a communist with your ps4, but still loves and cares about you.
me: buys ps4
little Brother: sharing is communism
by xenocrite June 8, 2019
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little brother: *sleeping*
me: *shouts in ear* WAKE UP
little brother: *still sleeping*
me: i give up
by an idiot November 13, 2020
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A male who has a preference for platonic "fraternal sibling" relationships with women as opposed to sexual relationships.

The "little brother" may not necessarily reject a sexual encounter with a woman with whom he has developed a "fraternal sibling" relationship, but it is not the primary motivation for initiating or continuing the relationship and generally not the desired outcome.
"Don't start unless you're up for it all the way. I don't need another little brother".
by Dylan1982 April 29, 2010
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a tiny little fart that tags along after a much larger and boisterous burst of flatulence, whose mere existence just seems redundant and pathetic in the wake of its predecessor

"Ahh! Now that was some good stuff!"


"Whoops. Little brother."
by Harry Bumwind June 10, 2008
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THE most annoyingg person on the planet that gets whatever he wants when he wants it. when you touch them they cry and and say you brutally mauled them. gets to pick whatever he wants to watch even if its your turn with the remote. overall just an a hole
me: get out of my way bro.

little bro: whaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh you punched meeee!!!!!

mom: gavin go to your room! y would you punch your brother like that.

me: WHATTT!!! itouched him. oh my godddd! wtf mom i didnt do anytthing.

little bro: *smirks*

me: moom look he is smiling. oh my gabe(little brother) your such a little brother. your just a big cry baby
by gavin goes on May 6, 2020
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