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Jacqueline is the type of girl who is the complete full package. U will always be questioning urself if its too good to be true. Jacqueline's are the expert of looks and books. They are beautiful in a way that can be interpreted to smoking hot and naturally gorgeous. At first they may seem dumb, but that's simply just an act to see what guys really care about her. Jacqueline's are exceptionally smart: both street and book. They make amazing friends, so don't ever let one go. They give the best advice and just have the natural ability to make everything seem better than it is. They are very seductive and unique. This girl knows the mind of a man. So watch out. She loves the game, and knows how to play. Don't ever piss one off, because you will be sorry. This girl is not up for a one night stand, she's too good for that. Although she may seem very cocky, there is alot about her that you would never know. She likes everyone thinking she has everything figured out, even when she has no idea. Although Jacqueline's flow with the crowd, they are naturally born Individuals.
Bill: I love Jacqueline

Ilene: who doesn't?
by Fox hame July 18, 2013
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1. The name of a girl who is beautiful, strong, and intelligent. One who is easy to fall in love with but impossible to let go. She is funny, exciting, and enthusiastic. Jacqueline has an amazing personality that appeals to every person fortunate enough to meet her. Her eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness. She is down to earth And carefree. This name is given to beautiful woman. She is a drop dead gorgeous girl. If you meet one don't let her go!

2. Another word for perfection.

3. God's most precious and wonderful angel.
Jacqueline is beautiful
by marleen2 November 20, 2013
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Jacqueline is the name of a girl who is beautiful, not just because of her looks but for her personality. She is the kind of girl to cheer you up when you're blue, and is the best friend anybody could ask for. Jacqueline has the power to make anybody feel great no matter who they are. She can make even the saddest person feel like there's nothing wrong. Jacqueline isn't just any girl, she is THE girl you want in your life, no matter what role she plays.
Friend: Hey you :)

Jacqueline: Hi (:
by Zachawee April 30, 2013
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The person who is amazing love her shes so funny and always great to talk to if you find a Jacqueline date her and never cheat
Oh look there's a Jacqueline

Yeah she's so hot
by InvisibleMan101 January 2, 2013
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Jacqueline is a unique girl. You don’t hear that name often and you don’t see that personality often. One look at her will have you wondering that’s behind that smile or frown. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s outgoing, fun, shy but sometime close off depending who the person is. Jacqueline is VERY guarded of her emotions and is a walking close book. She is a good friend and will always be there but sometimes will hurt your feelings being blunt. She’s very honest and do not sugar coat anything. Jacqueline is a very intelligent and beautiful. With those traits she’s able to catch attention of many. She’s an amazing person don’t let her go because if you do you will never get her back.
Jacqueline is very shy and pretty.
by Diamondk November 1, 2018
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She is someone you can always turn to for anything no matter what it is. You can always count on her to be there for you no matter the time of day. Her eyes are sparkly brown and she has those two cute little laugh lines next to her lips. She has a soft little voice that she uses whenever you talk to her that just calms you. If she ever has a problem she will tell you she isn't afraid to say it. She will always push you to be the best person you can be. If you are doing something that wouldn't be good for you she'll tell you. There isn't a second of the day that goes by when you think of her. She's the best thing that could ever happen to you and makes you realize that every day you are alive is a blessing as long as you have her by your side.
Damn, I'm glad I met Jacqueline.
by HeIsTheSame March 14, 2017
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According to studies (to put it plainly and so you guys can understand)...

A curvy girl who is extremely hott.

Doesn't go out with men often because of self-confidence and pride, and the knowing that no guy is good enough for her. Not like most girls who have had 5 boyfriends in a three month period.

Good fashion sense and a pretty unique face is usually a quality of a girl with this name, most girls of this origin could be models.

Very Seductive, they usually look mean from first glance but they love to have fun and laugh.

If you ever come in contact or know a Jacqueline then your lucky, even though no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER get one in your bed. Extremely rare.

They're a good species to chase, and love the game. They know the mind of men, so be prepared to have A woman know all your secrets, which makes it even harder to pin down.

They're very independent and although it may look like they dont get attention from guys, it's because they put off an ora that basically sends a signal to guys that she's not about to played and isn't easy, that's usually when guys back off.

They don't like gossiping preppy girls, although they will probably be assocciated with that group, they will most likely turn the tables.

Not like most girls, Jacqueline's usually like sports, and guy things, but they also have a very feminine side when they want to.

The very rare ones are accustomed to fame and famous people.

They're exquisite and very hard to find and, if you know one start chasing. Once they realize you are, your in for a good time.
I wish I could marry a Jacqueline, I'd be the envy of all guys!
by skatinglife09 April 7, 2009
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