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1. Suggested but not directly expressed, unspoken or covertly said

2. In mathematics (of a function): an expression in which the dependent variable and the one or more independent variables are not separated on opposite sides of an equation

i.e. relation expressed partly itself through itself
He didn't shout, he didn't threaten, but it was seems on implicit warning by him.
by amlike July 30, 2011
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A random faction ran by a person named Cyro who used to be a complete random until he became staff on a server called syn hcf they aspire to be #1 on cosmic however they will never be.
Random person- Have you heard of the clan implicit?
Smart people- Yeah they are complete idiots.
by Iccingdeath June 23, 2020
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A group of employees that act with slowness, attitude, rudeness, tardiness, absenteeism, malevolence, contempt at customers, other employees, & management, & excessive & exaggerated bureaucracy. We Are The World Types.
The employees belonging to the implicit union were a major aggravation to deal with.
by Swisher rolled tight January 2, 2021
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