the translation in AFL terms 1 minute is equal to 38 minutes, therefore 2 minutes is equal to one hour and 16 minutes.
regular translation - we'll be there in 2 minutes

AFL translation - we'll be there in 76 minutes.
by =) February 22, 2003
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Imma break dis girl off wit da 2 minutes.

(Alton Roberts knows about this!)
by le-le September 26, 2003
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The feeling one gets after hitting a popper (tobacco/weed combination. Also the time duration which this intensified high lasts for.
"Dude just leave me alone I'm in my 2 minutes"
by ezbakeoven April 2, 2007
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rule meaning that while texting a chick that you have no relation with you must wait at least 2 minutes before texting her back

"ay bro dat shawty right there, she want you. You better use dat 2 minute rule cuz you too coo"

see "too coo" for further definition
by $aint January 17, 2008
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2 straight men enter a closet for 2 minutes. What happens, happens

No rules
Me and tlyer played 2 minutes in the closet and Im pretty sure I won
by Owner of a local car November 8, 2022
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The feeling or sound that your gastrointestinal tract makes just prior to having a urgent bowl movement.
Oh Crap! I'm 5 minutes from work and I just got the 2 minute warning. I don't want to drop deuce on the roadside.
by Orotfotze Fred Dryer October 10, 2010
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Staple diet of living-alone-for-a-while bachelors.
Newlywed woman: So what do you think of my cooking?
Newlywed man: Beats two minute noodles.
by mohawk March 6, 2005
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