A measure taken to prevent pregnancy. Includes the condom, oral contraceptive pill (OCP), patches, injections, cages, caps and sponges amongst other methods.
"are you on the pill?"

"are you using a contraceptive?"

"use a condom you dirty fuck"

by Oli87 June 2, 2007
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Capable of preventing conception.

A device, drug, or chemical agent that prevents conception.
by LarstaiT November 13, 2003
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A contraceptive is s form of "Child Prevention". Methods include;

A Condom: A rubber sock for you knob.
A Diaphram: A rubber dam for your ladies love box.
The Pill: Easier than a cheap chav tart, cheaper than an 'E'
Abstinance: The art of not shagging if you aint old/responsible enough.
The Chav species has dramatically grown as a result of smack-heads not knowing about contraceptives. The time has come for the government to either teach people about contraceptives or cut of evey chavs dick.
by ConcreteMonkey February 3, 2005
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A small child walking into it's parents bedroom to find out what the noise is
children are the best form of contraception
by PGTips April 10, 2006
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Always use contraception. There are different types.
Use ribbed for extra sensations
Use flavoured for oral pleasure!
by hayley! October 28, 2004
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Extra condoms (often kept in a backpack, briefcase, or vehicle trunk)

A Left Hand and truecrypt porn volume can quickly relieve blue balls with zero potential conception, but high potential for sexual escalation.

technology with the potential to PREVENT conception (sperm penetrating ovum, the engendering of pregnancy), includes: condoms, spermicide, careful anal sex, masturbation. Any technology willfully killing the zygote is infanticide and in no way whatsoever contraceptive.

One cannot un-ring the bell: don't tap the bell.
Should Mike's flavor of the week be set to fornicate but have no condom between them he could grab his strip of emergency contraceptives from the dick vapor protected gym bag in his car before becoming a Violently Orgasming Obsessed Dick Once Hard animal mindlessly fucking through the strip in one afternoon.

Because all the high school freshman practiced at the same time, the girls on the court adjacent to the guys, the girls could see how well hung Shawn was his long thick dick flopping as he ran without compression shorts. With ample daily offers for good head and more after practice-, on study dates-, and amid the parties amplifying rife lust he used Masturbation As Contraception, the only 100% efficatious emergency contraceptive, lest girls hungering for big cock succeed tempting him to let them ride his cock.

Though Dravin longed to Fuck to Balls Empty during awesomely stimulating Girlfriend Anal Sex (contraceptive if pussy above the anal jizz leakage path) he needed more snug fitting condoms having fucked through all emergency contraceptives but the magnums which were far too lose. Thankfully he had stroke 29 for weeks of solo fuck replay. High school's zero refractory Masturbating Always Daily multiples now inaccessible he yearned to be able to achieve a dozen weekly orgasms. It is his richly visual fantasizing masturbatory fuck replay that escalates his craving her ass above all else, limiting instant gratification.
by coitus U January 9, 2013
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