1)immediate satisfaction; the quick attainability of happiness or of contentness.
1)Children always seek instant gratification.
2)That ho? She instant gratification.
by Mimir September 23, 2003
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An imaginary term used to describe how a procrastinator avoid doing important tasks.

Often it is though of as whenever the rational decision maker wants to make a good choice like doing homework the monkey takes the wheel and makes the person procrastinate
Joe:hey don't you have a really important project due?
Henry:yea well my instant gratification monkey wants me to look through India through google earth!
Joe:well don't blame me I you end up flipping burgers for a living!
by mr mr jellyman January 4, 2018
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When law enforcement officers unreasonably require that their commands be followed immediately and without hesitation. Almost all police abuse and killings stem from this inability to be patient, deescalate, and just listen to people first.
Instant Gratification Policing can happen when police say: "Turn around!" or "Put your hands behind your back!" or "Get on your knees!"
by Cigar Dave June 9, 2020
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