the subliminal message to help protect humanity from the rise of anymore morons. Educate and make the world a better place before bringing more lives to this Earth.
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by Anyomous182 March 12, 2012
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Plastic that has already been used on your schlong
I gave my sister a used condom abd she found sus mayonnaise in it
by Chinese goverment May 4, 2021
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That used condom left the party without telling me, I had no way of getting home.
by Darkeststar January 2, 2011
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Excellent advice that is totally obvious. The advice is a complete understatement.
Father: "When you go skydiving, don't forget to use your parachute."

Teen son: "Thanks dad...and remember to never use a condom more than once."
by yes juanito yes March 29, 2015
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The worst of worst disses, this means that your super gay and like to have "gay butt sex" with other men and there has never been a successful comeback to this statement, and you also like wiener in your butt hole.
by longrodvanghugeendong October 27, 2010
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A company co owned by the cumsters specialised in the US foreign affairs missions.

A company that specialises in the development of artificial fake used condoms to blend into the scenery. The used condoms are generally found in parks, a strategic place for the Used Condoms’ condoms.

The condoms specialise as a form of explosives, containing microchips the size of a spermatozoa that provoke nuclear fission to blow shit up.

These condoms have been used by several world governments to divert peaceful protests by using camouflaged explosives.

People sometimes lick them and explode.
Used Condoms Inc. has managed to fuck the Hong Kong protests.
by FuckassEmpire May 7, 2023
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