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an act of inception (planting an idea in ones mind) performed through an indirect mindfuck.
While dreaming if sounds from other people having sex (through a wall or in another room) infiltrate and start controlling your dream, an act of conception has been performed on you.
by birdo00 February 16, 2011
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to sport a boner, fly the sail at full mass, rock hard, etc.
"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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A violent process that happens when a daddy cell violently slams his head inside a mommy cell and the mommy cell consumes the daddy cell's head and leaves the rest of the daddy cell's body to rot.
Some believe that life begins at conception. I believe life ends there.
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
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A band that was formed in Norway, 1989 by guitarist Tore Østby, singer Dag Østby, drummer Werner Skogli and bassist Freddy Samsonstuen. In 1990, after a demo tape, Arve Heimdal replaced Werner Skogli and Ingar Amlien replaced Freddy Samsonstuen. A year later, Dag Østby quits, and the band is forced to search for a new vocalist. After many auditions, the band hooks up with Roy Khan, a classical trained opera singer.

Roy now sings in Kamelot.
*Air soloes*
Conception was a mega hard supa nice band fo sho.
by Robin S May 20, 2006
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the union of the sperm and the egg to produce a new life after copulation.
Amber and Tyrone had been trying so hard for a baby without success. Amber got the idea of having sex for twenty-eight days in a row with Tyrone. Bingo, there was finally conception, but Amber never found out exactly when her fertile days were. She was so big at graduation, her gown couldn't hide her condition. Tyrone's hard-on went unnoticed under his gown even though he was thinking of what he was going to do to Amber that night after they got their diplomas.
by Richard Black April 12, 2005
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Prelude to Birthday. The Day after you came in a vagina.
Richard looked back on his daughters birthday and realized the panic he felt during conception was worth it after all.
by El Normatico January 15, 2009
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The act of conning a con-man, who is conning a con-man, who is conning a con-man, etc.
Person 1: "Yo dawg, I heard you like cons..."

Person 2: "Yes! I love conception!"
by 6*9=42 January 05, 2013
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