a feeling that overcomes you when your hormones start acting up.
Wow, after looking at him i felt a surge of sensations go through my body!
by cdgvhvchdf November 9, 2007
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Lit vibe🔥
Sensational vibe
by 1sk81 January 13, 2020
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When a women feels a sensation in her vagina wether that is lubrication happening or ejaculation from the slightest reason. A simple touch or a simple look.
“Reyshell gets sensational sensations when looking at Heaven.”

“You give me sensational sensations.”
“He touched my thigh and I got sensational sensations.”
by FaucetOfPussyJuice102318 November 21, 2019
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Most Commonly known as being said by Tony and Jermaine, refers to being the best at everything.

Used in Catchphrase: Now that's... Sensational
That Cooking is Sensational
by Mr. Sensational August 4, 2008
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A small quantity of alcohol, food or other consumable, usually requested because the consumer of it: (a) does not want to get drunk, (b) does not know what it tastes like and wants to try it, or (c) knows what it tastes like, doesn't like it, but doesn't want to offend the person offering it. Also known as a "suspicion".
Dinner-party host (holding wine bottle): Would you care for a glass of spinach wine? It's made from real spinach, that's why it's dark green.
Dinner-party guest (holding wine glass): Just a sensation thanks.
by BrizVegas August 2, 2006
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Sarcasm; the opposite of sensational; being bored or annoyed
When someone says something, and you find it uninteresting or annoying. “Sensational dude! I don’t give a shit.”
by lemmy732 October 31, 2019
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