Without a doubt, the greatest lyricist that ever lived. Former lead singer of 80's band "The Smiths", Morrissey has made a name for himself in popular music and is known for his outrageous (yet highly laughable) comments. He is also a vegetarian, and a native of the UK, who current makes his home in Los Angeles.
did Morrissey really say "bring me the head of Elton John"?!!
by Denia April 25, 2006
Synonym, Another name for God.
'You ever heard of Morrissey?' 'Of course, that guy is a God amongst us mere mortal men'
by vivamozzer May 1, 2009
Someone that is being socially reclusive or wallflower-like in a very social space, like a bar or a club. They may have a somewhat saddened look on their face.
Hey Eddie, where'd your girlfriend go?

Oh, she's being such a Morrissey and is listening to her headphones in the corner.
by sheroo March 7, 2011
"Hey Joe, stop your fucking whinging, you are starting to sound like Morrissey."
by RetsamteppupEop March 22, 2013
You see that man over there? He’s from Coventry, he’s a right Morrissey!
by Honeypenny August 23, 2018
Canceling a show after it's too late for your fans that have already spent lots of money to travel far & wide to see you.
Culture Club canceling its shows at the last minute was such a Morrissey!
by baby j 1313 November 13, 2014