A paradigm in which the countable is infinite; and the discrete emerges from the uncountable.
Cathedralism says that the discrete is uncountability-from-the-future.

This phenomenalism is the basis of Catholicism.
by zanderfin October 26, 2019
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Used when describing a very attractive girl.
"Man! She was a Cathedral. When I entered, I had to thank the Lord" or: "Man, that girl is a Cathedral. I'd be a religious man just to enter her doors"
by C. A. August 4, 2007
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The single greatest event to happen ever. formed by a devious group of juniors, the chs rave was an underground rave that took place in between b basement and the main basement. hundred came from all over campus to rave for the sake of raving.

Temperature: 146 degrees
Average person per square foot: 3

Attendance: 250+

chs rave > chs courtyard battle

chs rave > woodstock
chs rave > the american revolution
chs rave > the roman empire
chs rave > the invention of fire
chs rave > bowflex
chs rave > grendel
chs rave ≥ the birth of jesus christ
chs rave > mel gibson performance in braveheart
chs rave > rocky balboa
The Cathedral Rave penetrated my soul... and i liked it?
by /b/103 October 2, 2009
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Takeru Cathedral is an oc/created character created within the Elysium(Universe/Earth 596.) rp/rpf series created in the Kik community in 2012. Within the story of Elysium Takeru Cathedral was said to be known as the son of "The Great Merchant." . Takeru Cathedral would be known as one of the first "Practitioner's of Light" which is further explained throughout the series as the "one's who are extraordinary holding vast understanding and power". He was known to be prodigy at rpf in the first "Towairaitorifuto War" and second Towairaitorifuto War learned every strength of nature along with Martial Arts skills known asTae Kwon Do,Krav Maga,Kung Fu and Kendo. Takeru Cathedral is most known for being a Divine Foreteller which were one of the few co-founders of the Kingdom known as Divinity.He was also known sealing away Medusa Gødon a childhood friend that had been misguided by her gift of what seem to be almost unlimited brain capacity and strength causing her to declare the second Towairaitorifuto War on the Allied Nations. Takeru Cathedral was known for his light-hearted personality and respectively as a person many looked up to and still til this day his oc is still honored in the series. During his times after the war he would go on the mentor a few other known names within the series. After some time he would pass due to a cursed sickness from the second Towairaitorifuto War leaving behind his only son Kyo Cathedral.
”There comes a time where many would advise you to do one thing boy, the world is against you Mystigin, what will you perpetrate? The path of greed and power or the path of the righteous soul?”

-Takeru Cathedral

“You and your sister Mytha contain great strength and I feel you two have a bright future.”

-Takeru Cathedral
by Stories Of The Allied Nations September 30, 2021
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'Cathedral of green' is an expression that refers to some of the classic baseball stadiums such as Fenway Park in Boston, Yankee Stadium in New York, or Wrigley Field in Chicago. Often used ironically.
Yes, the Yankees will appear in Yankee Stadium, that fabled cathedral of green in the Bronx tonight.
by Cranberry Bob April 26, 2021
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What Bobby Brown called Ronnie DeVeo in a The New Edition Story.
Bobby: Man I don't know if a cathedral boy can mess with us OP boys.
by Eva_uwu December 4, 2020
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