Someone who is late to adopt any new technology.
“Yeah, John still was using a flip phone until this year: he only started using a smartphone the other month. He’s a total Wrigley Field”
by TK2000 October 29, 2023
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The home of the Chicago Cubs, a.k.a. the greatest team to ever dawn a baseball uniform. It is Heaven II, located on the corners of Addison, Clark, Sheffiled and Waveland Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.
1. Hey, did you see the Cubs win the World Series?
2. Where at?
1. Wrigley Field.
2. Really? The same park that the Cubs swept the White Sox in?
1. That'd be the place!

Go Cubbies, World Series Champs '04!!!!
by Chaw Work McGrewster September 27, 2004
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A place on the North Side of Chicago where men take the day off work to go look at and hit on girls ten years younger than them while drinking horrible beer at less than modest ball park prices. This is done while the women go to there knowing they will get hit on and thus making themself feel better and maybe they were just meet that cute trader named Josh who will buy them a Mai Tai or Corona after the game at one of the trendy surrounding establishments. A place totally void of originality in character. A few baseball fans are amongst the crowd as well from time to time.
"Hey you get that girls number last night at Wrigley?"
"Yeah man, gonna call her tonight I think. Maybe go out have a few drinks."
"Hey, you remember who won the game?"
"No man, didnt even pay attention."
"Lets call Mark to find out, he must have watched it on TV"
by William Ligue Bartman Jr. October 18, 2004
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The world's largest gay bar, only fags like Tom Brady would go there. Home of the Chicago Cubs.
Guy #1: Hey, wanna go to Wrigley Field, the Cubs are playing!
Guy #2: Nah, only fags go there, and besides, why go there when u can watch some real baseball at US Cellular Field?
by tabesfandom November 14, 2011
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Cubs Fan: "Hey do you want to go to Wrigley Field?"
White Sox Fan: "Uh, no thanx. What, do I look like a fag? I'm going to US Cellular Field today; a real baseball field with a real team where real baseball fans go to actually watch the game."
Cubs Fan: "My team's park is cooler."
White Sox Fan: "My team has a World Series title in the last 100 years."
Cubs Fan: "....."
White Sox Fan: "Exactly."
by Shawn C. March 28, 2008
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The home of the shittiest team in baseball, they have not won a World series trophy since 1908, the cubs fans themselves are tired of the teams performance to the extent that they are losing money on fans not attending, the stadium while interesting for the fact that it is old is showing its failures, it hardly has enough room for fans, has no plumbing except for the urinal droves, also its smack dab in the center of Boystown, so if your homophobic then dont go to the stadium. they need to tear the stadium down.
Cubs fan: hey dude you wanna go to wrigley field?
Soxs fan: that dumb! FUCK NO! lets go to Comiskey a stadium that wont kill you while your on the inside of it.
by hockeyfan147 June 20, 2011
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There are a few definitions for wrigley field. They are:
The worlds largest gay bar
the worlds largest uranal
Chicago's City Dump.

Carl Everett once said "I hate wrigley field. They need to implode it."
Cubs fan: "Although our team has not won a world series in 100 years we have wrigley field!"
Ozzie Guillen: (holding world series trophy) Gotta love thing thing called October Baseball.
by Dusticles November 15, 2005
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