1. Overpowered
2. Original Poster: The person who begins the selected thread in that particular forum.
1. Demons are OP in this game, nerf them please!
2. The OP is wrong, what we need to do is give birds a buff instead.
by Jack Dos Puntos December 31, 2006
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1. n. abrv. Original Poster - The original poster of a forum or imageboard thread
2. n. abrv. Original Post - The first post in a forum or imageboard thread
3. n. abrv. Opening - A common abbreviation for opening, most commonly used in Japan or regarding anime
4. n. abrv. Overpowered - Statement that something is too powerful, usually in a game
1. <someperson>The OP is stupid

2. <someperson> Sauce pl0x
<otherperson> Read the OP, the source torrent is there

3. <someperson> Anyone seen the new Haruhi OP?
<otherperson> yeah it's awesome

4. <someperson> Wow the chaingun is really op
by ajf.me November 29, 2010
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1) Internet Forums: "Original poster". The creator of the post to which the comment refers.

2) Gaming (both videogaming and tabletop RPG): "Over powered". A character, weapon, ability so strong that the game lacks challenge and becomes mundane.
1) Post: "Hitler was okay, I guess."
Commenter 1: "OMG! That's so offensive!"
Commenter 2: "Stop being butthurt. OP is probably just a troll."

2) Me: "Ugh, this dungeon is so easy! Our team just wiped out that owl-bear with three sneak attacks."
Friend: "Well, it's either because two of us are rouges or because the GM made us OP by having us challenge the harder dungeon first."
by strangescienceraccoon January 06, 2014
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She was so evil that I went OP.
I OP"d her.
by 8trackgto October 08, 2019
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In forum terms, OP refers to the Original Poster. The person who began the thread.
ForumGeek911: So yeh, the OP said you were dumb.
OP: That's right, I did!
ForumGeek911: OMG, He just necroposted.
by Matthew Marvin August 01, 2007
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An acronym meaning ON POINT. It just sounds way cooler saying "OP" because "on point" is just so mainstream. It is a word you use in a phrase to compliment someone. If you want insult someone- use NOP.

*Antonym: NOP
Annabel and Amanda are always OP, I'm so jealous.

GIRL, your outfit is OP. Dude, Kate's booty looks so OP today.

Mr. Wood's lesson in Chemistry was OP today.

Tyrone, your mom's fried chicken- OP!!!!
by Banabel610 April 24, 2015
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