Where do I start? Drug tests, hood rats driving down the class GPA, no cancellations, iPads with everything blocked, etc...
Why wouldn’t you wanna go here? We have a 100% college acceptance rate because Gannon is butt buddies with us.

Oh and by the way, the sports are corrupt. Playing time is granted based on how much money your daddy can pay unless you’re a super star!
Don’t go to Cathedral Prep!
by Gokester April 4, 2019
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A school that wins football and likes men
I am from Cathedral Prep and I miss Ben Miles
by Преп January 8, 2019
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Cathedral Prep is an amazing school in Erie PA. The brotherhood is amazing and dispite all the people who have complaints about the school it really is an amazing place. We get through so much together as one. Not only is it a great brotherhood, but also it is unmatched in both athletics and academics.
RIP-Jack Schoenig🧡🖤
Cathedral Prep Student #1: Man I amgonna miss Jack, he really was an amazing guy.
Cathedral Prep Student #2: He really was and we are going to get through this as brothers.
by CPRambeler October 22, 2019
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Located in the curvy rear valley of ultimate 21st century sex goddess, Maitland Ward Baxter, Saint Baxter’s Cathedral is a magnificent erotic sanctified place of worship. Thousands upon thousands of loyal Ward Worshipers praise this Holiest of Holies on a daily basis, wishing they were worthy enough to enter its divine splendor. It is currently unknown if any man has actually ever entered Saint Baxter’s Cathedral, but many a man would sell their souls to make that holy pilgrimage
Saint Baxter’s Cathedral is the universally undisputed Holiest of Holies.

I would give my left nut for the opportunity to enter Saint Baxter's Cathedral.
by Colt_Seavers September 21, 2019
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An all girls private school that's obsessed with grades. In each grade there is at least one "popular" girl that makes everyone around her feel bad to feel better about herself so stay out of her way. She will probably end up with the STA boy you like just to get at you
"Popular girl"- you're gross and like your weird and like you have no style. Oh and I stole your boyfriend because I get what I want.
National cathedral school girls thoughts- ummmmm awwww
by Galaxy2022 November 24, 2016
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Cathedral city has 2 main gangs in the city both being rivals. The first is barrio dream home lokos and the 2nd being barrio cathedral city. Dream homes also is known as east side palmas instead of west side cathedral because of their beef with BCC. Barrio cathedral is in the south side of the city up to 33rd ave.
Hey what are there any gangs in cathedral city I heard it nice?
Yes there are cathedral city gangs
by CV raised February 5, 2022
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