1. not countable
2. incapable of having the total precisely ascertained
3. indefinitely large in number
4. an infinite number
5. too many to be counted
6. innumerable
The number of reasons for Kate and Kyle's love for each other is uncountable.
by keightie August 1, 2010
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Sexual encounters your friends or peers talk about that they had never participated in, or experienced.
Friend 1: ...and then after the blow job, Jenny and I totally did it until the morning.

Friend 2: Dude, your such a liar! James was totally telling me the same story.

Friend 3: That's such a sexual uncounter!

by JS-The-Man September 18, 2007
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A set of every possible number that is too much to be counted as finite, thus, uncountable.
Unlike its brother Infinity, this holds significantly "more" value.
Counting to infinity is hard, so they just gave up and called it uncountable infinity.
by 1m1m0 September 28, 2022
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Uncountable/Incountable means when something is too high or too many (or vise versa) to count.
"All of the people at the funeral made it Uncountable/Incountable to figure how many were there"
"It was Uncountable/Incountable to see how many people there were"
by Orangee_1 July 8, 2022
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