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If you have a different religion and you don't want to sin, good luck getting rid of any you already have. Basically, Catholicism is a religion where you CAN murder, steal, lie, and break all the rules, and then be forgiven.

That's because..

Man#1: Hey, I'm Pagan and I killed a guy.

Man#2: Well, sucks to be you. I've got a priest!

by LOLOLOLOLOLOL another guy dude October 03, 2011
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The church which sprang up in Rome during the time of Christ but not ordained by him.
In the 1300-1600's anyone who was not Catholic was murdered by these "Godly" people. Yup. Torture chambers, iron maidens, thumbscrews, anal pears, the whole bit. Not to mention beheading and burning at the stake.
The catholics DID NOT however, persecute atheists (surprise?)
Protestant religions, despite getting whacked out of existence as soon as the Catholics found out of their being, finally managed to prosper in the 1600's and eventually found their way to America. Then the Catholics showed up... *chop* *chop*
The Catholics also support homosexual activities. A "live as you please and then confess" lifestyle and such. You can sin all you want and confessing will make it legit.
When monks/priests and other "laymen" take a vow of celebacy, it is only in regards to women, children/young boys are not off limits.
"Man, those catholic schoolgirls look fine with their uniforms! You know she's a freak underneath it all!"
"Dude, you go out with a catholic girl? Your ass woulda been ashes for that not too many years ago, you don't practice catholicism"
"So, how long has your little cousin been going to confession? Let's check his anus and see how loose it is, you catch him"
by Clinton Washington May 24, 2006
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A very ancient Marian cult, very exclusive in their teachings about salvation, preaching that salvation is only possible through them and their leader the pope. This group takes decidedly anti-Biblical stands regarding the infalliablity of their leaders, their ability to forgive sins and their interpretation of Biblical topics.

Responsible for the death of millions of Christians and Jews, and making a strong push for world religious (political?) dominance through it's ecumenical movement. It's vow is that it never changes, and it's rise to emminence will bring about the same behaviour as we have seen in the past.

Don't believe me, just read the history books on catholicism, the pope, and their cultish attraction to Mary.
by History Student March 11, 2006
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A continuation of ancient Roman paganism, except that the Caesar is called the Pope, the headquarters were renamed the Vatican, the gods were renamed to Saints, the mother of Jupiter was replaced by Mary mother of God, and the nuns no longer have wild sex orgies followed by human sacrifice. However, the priests are still called priests, and the ancient Roman tradition of sodomizing boys is still carried on to this day.
So all roads still lead to Rome after all.
by Dan with the Plan March 05, 2003
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A religion in which every member must feel guilty for something, Jews go to hell, everyone else is wrong and if they try to speak out, they are flamed for being "antisemetic".
During the middle ages, the Roman Catholic Church would sell forgiveness, thus spreading the message that a rich man could buy his place in heaven.
Largely responsible for driving people of other faiths out of England into the Americas which, in turn, spread european disease and caused a genocide of most of the Native American people.
A group of people who can tell you there is 'no such thing as magic' but can also tell you 'God created the world in less then a week'.
A religion that attempts to raise children to be good, honest people through fear of punishment, rather then raising them to be good, honest people because it's the right thing to do.
Most practitioners of Catholicism are hypocrits.
I am going to be accused of being antisemetic
by zomghardxcore March 08, 2006
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im gonna sound really bad when i say this, but i will say what i must. Though the catholic church is amongst the oldest forms of christian belief, it is also the most tainted and dark form. Not the Orthodox catholic, but the roman catholic (sorry!). It was because of the Roman Catholic church, that thousands of Native American tribes went extinct. It also lead to the enslavement of blacks and the colonization of the Orient. Soon, the will to spread the word of God became malevolent will and avarice. Also, the Roman Catholic church praises the pope as God's interpreter, no man can choose for the world the meaning of the scripitures, no matter how pure he is...
Catholicism's hands are unfortunately stained with blood
by da outcast May 08, 2005
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