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Probably one of the most misunderstood religions around. Most non-Catholics think of the Crusades, corruption, and sexual abuse when they think of the Catholic Church. But, with such a large organization, this is all bound to happen.

Besides, this isn't what being Catholic is about at all. Being a Catholic is about loving Jesus and loving eachother.
Ignoramus: "Catholicism is just about money and having sex with little boys."

Catholic: "I'm Catholic. And I'll have you know that Catholicism is not about anything that is spread in the media. It cannot be defined by nut jobs who aren't devout Catholics. I suggest that you visit a mass at a Catholic church before you make up your mind about what Catholicism is or is not."
by Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats January 23, 2011
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A Christian sect, the spiritual center of which is in Vatican City and which believes the Pope to be the earthly successor of St. Peter. It's notable for its intricate Masses, veneration of Mary and the saints, and for the controversy it stirs up.
It does seem to breed an equal amount of wild-eyed fanaticism and virulent hatred, both of which are a source of mixed amusement and embarrassment for ordinary, run-of-the-mill Catholics like me.
"I was raised as a Catholic, which is good, because it provides an interesting conversation starter for life. It also doubles as a conversation stopper."
by Charon May 21, 2003
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The strongest and oldest belief in God and Jesus. In Catholicism, The Virgin Mary has a more prominent role of the faith. It is commonly believed by those with little understanding of the religion, that it is the most inclined to be stereotypical and bigoted against all who don't follow the bible. This is not the case, as the main culprits of said acts are the Mormon's, and the Evangelical's. They are the one's who hold anti-gay rally's and such, the Catholic faith, while not supporting Gay marriage, will not speak up and say that all homosexuals are going to Hell. Catholics are actually much more lenient when it comes to what automatically condemns you to Hell. The main aspects of a Catholic church, at least the Roman ones, are masses given in Latin, Bishops in the church, and an altar with grails, a small chest, and a statue of Jesus on the cross above the altar. Most also have stained glass windows depicting scenes from the bible.
For awhile Catholicism gained negative press when many Priests were accused of molesting the boys of their respective churches. Though in comparison to the rest of the Catholic community, the amount of perpetrators was small. The Vatican itself stated that the act was a direct violation of the sixth commandment, and was considered a grave sin. Since those times Catholicism has been left alone somewhat, but people still remain ignorant to this day.

Everday person: HEY!
Catholic: Yeah? What's up?
EP: Why are you being so stupid man? Gay's have every right to be married!
C: What the hell are you talking about?
EP: You're a Catholic right?
C: Yeeeeeeah... why?
EP: That means you're against gay marriage!
C: Not really, I'm all for something that gives people more options.
EP: Yeah, right. You're all righteous and everything, that's why your Priests molest boys.
C: OY! Your treading ground of unfamiliar territory, I suggest you stop where you are.
EP: Bah, you're faith supports sex with kids.
C: It does not you dolt!
EP: Oh yeah? Show me!
C: Right here, the sixth commandment.
EP: Oh...
C: You're looking for the Mormon and Evangelical church, that's two blocks that-a-way.
EP: Oh, ok, thanks. And um, sorry about that.
C: mhm
by Lapsed Catholic August 28, 2009
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The earliest mass forming of Christians into one religion, known as the Catholic Church, latin meaning "Unity or Unified church". Until the 1500's, was the only large-scale "Christian" Church. Notorious for its harsh defense of original Christian doctrines of salvation and related issues. Also by far the largest Christian organization. Follows the Pope, who is the successor of the apostle Peter to whom Christ gave "...the keys to the kingdom of heaven". The infallibility (not be confused with impeccability, the pope is a man, not a perfect man) is attributed to the ability of the Pope to be able to make "infallible" statements on the doctrine of faith. When this occurs, the Pope will let it be known that the statement is "infallible".
Catholicism is based on the written and oral teachings of Christ and his Apostles. They also use the original bible, in contrast to Protestants who use and create their beliefs according to new interpretations of the "slimmed-down" version of the bible created by Martin Luther in order to support his own beliefs.
Peter was the founder of Catholicism.
by one armed bandit October 23, 2005
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The first Christian religion, before those pesky infidels broke off and formed the innumerable Protestant sects. The belief that the virgin Mary is the mother of God, and that the souls of the dead must go through Purgatory to cleanse their souls before going to Heaven.
Catholicism is the most popular Christian religion in the world.
by Andre March 05, 2003
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A vastly misundertood religion, that has been publicly humiliated and intensionally corrupted since it's beginnings, in an attempt to sifle and
silence Christ's true teachings and meanings. Through media slandering and widespread misinformation and documented insurgencies into the priesthood, "they" have succeeded in much of The Church's crippling. Protestants, feel somehow vindicated in the fact that they use a bastardized version of THE holy bible.
It makes me wonder why the Catholic Church is still the most devoutly followed and largest of the "christian" faiths despite everyon'es attempts at slandering it.
by invalidbeliefs November 16, 2003
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A religion with a pyramidal power structure, based on the teachings of a man who actively spoke out against abuse of power in organized religions.
Theologically speaking, I am a Catholic. That does not mean I think the rules of the institution are those of God, or that the pope is infallible.
by Killing Kittens June 26, 2004
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