The lead singer from Dir en Grey.

Writes almost all the lyrics to Dir en Grey's music.

An amazingly talented vocalist with a wide range of vocal styles giving Dir en Grey a very unique sound.

He is very visual and outgoing with his stage antics and many of his lyrics are quite lewd or taboo.
by Flower April 19, 2005
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A person, typically a boy who is above average height or in some cases fairly or very tall and very intelligent. Can be a very sensitive person as well.
Kyo can’t take a joke.

Why is Kyo so tall?
by Dante Raul August 7, 2021
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Kyo is a lovely and caring person. She can make any boy fall for her if she wanted to. Kyo is more often depressed, but has a heart of a player, she has trust Issues And love her teacher, Kyo is the best person, which she has many friends.
by #Breakups January 13, 2019
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A amazing boy who can turn into a cat and gets angry but has a great heart

by Skl8888 July 5, 2021
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Kyo is the dumbest character ever. They’re a really funny character though. They make a lot of people laugh, although, they aren’t that smart. Probably would go up to a guy and ask him to let them suck on his massive cock
Kyo: “ Hello, Sir. May I feast on that scrumptious, most juicy, luscious cock that may help to you, stored in your pants?”
Kyo: “Mogu’s the best”
by Mogu<3 April 24, 2021
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'kyo' is a different form how to say that something or someone is cute
This is kyo.

My girlfriend is so kyo.
by GiHyeon/Niko November 27, 2020
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Kyo is an awesome French rock band made up of four people: Benoît Poher - Vocalist; Florian Dubos - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocalist; Fabien Dubos - Drums,Programmations; Nicolas Chassagne - Guitar, Programmations

Album list to date: Kyo (released in 2000), Le Chemin (2003),and 300 Lésions (2004).

They performed with Dutch pop singer Sita in their album Le Chemin.

person 1: I need something other than crappy pop music
to listen to.

person 2: Try listening to Kyo.
by i.m.not.emo. October 19, 2007
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