Used to explain anything sexual when you are around older or conservative folks that don't enjoy open dialogue about sex. Origin comes from the Spice Network on DirecTV, which happens to be channel 596. Spice was once known as the pioneer of the ram cam, which ultimately led to its cult following. It can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
noun - That chick sucks like 596.
verb - I 596'd her brains out.
adjective - That slut is 596 loose.
by Dudley Dawson May 3, 2006
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gang - gang members telephone number begins with 596 - well known in New Jersey for their shittyness
We takin down 596 and their whole posse!
by shit face April 3, 2003
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A link some guy created when referring to "tldr." The fact you have clicked on this link probably means you have seen all there is to see on the Internet. Go outside, get some exercise.
Bob: I clicked on ˈæm·br&#596
Steve: wow, I didn't know that was possible. You need to get a life
by Shareeb4Prez November 28, 2010
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