Korean (Kwon): there is only Chinese character for the Kwon surname. Some sources list as many as 56 clans, but only two are documented. One of these, the Andong Kwon clan, was founded by a Shilla aristocrat named Kim Shin who helped Wang Kon, the founder of the Koryo kingdom, establish himself as ruler in 918. The new king bestowed upon Kim Shin a new surname: Kwon, meaning ‘authority’. The Andong Kwon clan has one of the oldest extant printed genealogies in Korea. The Yech’on Kwon clan’s original surname was Hun. However, the name Hun was chosen for the Koryo king Myongjong’s posthumous name in 1197. To avoid having living people using a king’s posthumous name, the Hun family were directed to change their name to Kwon. The head of the Hun clan at this time became Kwon So, the founding ancestor of the Yech’on Kwon clan. Approximately two thirds of all present-day Kwon clan members live in the Kyongsang provinces. Chinese : variant of Guan 1. Chinese : variant of Guan 2.
Ever notice how Korean women with the KWON name are very authoritative and bossy sometimes. It’s a Kwon thang you would not understand
by Kwon227 November 27, 2018
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A shitty little weedle that likes to bluescreen his pc
Person1: Man, Kwon is such a dumbass.
Person2: Tell me something I don't know.
Kwon: hey fuck you
by pogwater lmao November 27, 2020
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Oh that's Kwon. Yeah he lost his right ball in a knife fight at Trader Joe's.
by Jlo744 October 13, 2017
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The baddest, hottest girl in Girls' Generation known as SNSD, SoNyuShiDae, GG, has the most gorgeous abs, tan bod, and second main dancer after Hyoyeon. Nicknamed Kkab-Yul (playful Yul), Black Pearl, Kwon Seobang, Kwon Yul,

-Jessica's seobang.

-Yoona's twin.

-Yoona's appa.

-Taller than Yoona shorter than Sooyoung.

-The prankster in the group with Yoona.
Kwon Yuri Jang!
kid leader ice princess ageyo queen fany fany tiffany dancing queen black pearl shikshin shikshin #2 maknae
by iloveGG08052007 January 7, 2014
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IZ*ONE's best leader. Mom of 11 kids whom she loves the most, will do everything for them.

IZ*ONE's ACE. She's a very talented woman who is very passionate with her career, dancer, singer, choreographer, producer, lyricist. She can do it all. Stop sleeping on her and appreciate her for her talents.

WIZONES precious baby. Everyone is whipped and will do everything just to make her happy, say one negative thing and then you'll pray the next day.
Kwon Eunbi is a legend, no one can even come at her level.
by FACTS0NLY December 4, 2020
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a soft cute bubbly guy who suddenly snaps into the baddest bitch in town. a natural whore!
"wow he's such a kwon soonyoung"
by HOSHEE July 7, 2018
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a fluff ball, a tiger but actually a hamster. talented and bestest boi in the world.
kwon soonyoung bestest boi.
by wonwinks October 10, 2020
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