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Phenomenon in which a collective group is blamed for the actions of an individual.
A term that encapsulates the modern culture is "hyperallergy."
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by zanderfin December 04, 2019

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The hypothesis that form is not enantiomeric.

Rather, rotation is a meta-enantiomer.

This leads to conclusion that time is its own enantiomer.
Metaformalism states that space is its own enantiomer: yet space can be superimposed on itself.
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by zanderfin February 16, 2020

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Film connecting the discreteness of the radial supersets with the countably-infinite transfinite points in Vikaasian space.
The texture-of-reality is a limina traversing the discrete area of uncountable radial lines and the countably infinite points of Vikaasian space.

It connects the countable and the discrete.
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by zanderfin November 17, 2019

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Ideology that nihilism is cyclical.

Implies that nihilism is meta or cyclical time.
Baroque nihilism implies that nihilism has self-attributes.

In other words: time has itself.
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by zanderfin September 23, 2019

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Entropy is the surface area of sound.
Entropy in gravity is assumed to have two dimensions; and thus exists in Tarski-space.

This contrasts with entropy in quantum physics which has four dimensions.
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by zanderfin August 25, 2020

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The state of being trapped in form.

The instance of causing an event by attempting to thwart it.
Anachronicity is the opposite of synchronicity.
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by zanderfin November 05, 2019

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Iridescence is the synchronicity in changes of color at the surface of space.
Iridescence indicates that labels flee to the surface of space.
Thus the "avant" is an escape from, or an interiorization of, labels.

Iridescence indicates that Kant's "numena" and "numena-in-themselves" are a false dichotomy. The correct dichotomy is "numena" and "numena-ITself."
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by zanderfin October 29, 2019

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