A rigorous college prep school located in Washington, D.C.

Contrary to what others say, the school is not full of students with eating disorders. However, it's a highly competitive environment. Expect to work extremely hard.
National Cathedral School Student: Ugh I got an A- my mom will kill me
by idk112 February 3, 2012
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1. We do not all have EDs.
2. We are not a Catholic school. We are technically an Episcopal school, which is very liberal and welcomes all faiths.
3. We work hard. Cathedral students are some of the most dedicated students in the country.
4. We are not obsessed with the opposite sex.
National Cathedral School Student: Just because I go to NCS, that doesn't mean I'm automatically a lesbian.
by ok1232345678 May 1, 2012
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An amazing private school in Washington,DC located on the close of the National Cathedral. Everyone who goes there is amazingly smart and beautiful. Not only does the NCS girls get the STA guys but they get the Prep guys too!! Yummy

SR girl: Heyy i wish i could be as pretty as that NCS girl over there
Visi girl: Me too then maybe i could get some of those Prep guys theyve been luring with theyre beauty
Holton girl: Nahh i want to be an NCS girl more than all of you. Those teddy bears at landon dont know how to be manly. I want me some BULLDOGS!!
by ldskgjadkfnv April 12, 2008
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An all-girls catholic school in Manhattan that has the best reputation for an all-girls school in NY. In other words, half the senior class isn't pregnant and they have nice uniforms. Near St. Patrick's Cathedral.
I graduated from Cathedral High School last June.
by Zindzi (Class of '03) September 12, 2004
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A school full of hicks , that swear there the shit. Half of the girls are catfishes. Very ghetto. Don’t have any morals or self respect . Love the gossip
Person : “hey did you see that pic of all them cathedral girls showing there pink panties ?”

Person #2 : “ wrd they cathedral high school smuts
by Kat Dior November 11, 2019
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A school for humans who other people think are posh but they aren't.....that posh. Their diet includes iPhones, Apple Macs and Blackberrys. #yolo
Jessica: Hey, does she go to Wells Cathedral School?
Amy: Yeah, yesterday she was hungry so she ate my Blackberry!
Jessica: Jeez....
by bazingaababyyy November 21, 2012
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