An intense pain you get when you're rectum tears during a massive dump, making you want to go to church to repent the things you said.
Black People, Anal Cathedral. Nuff' said.
by PoonMasta69 August 14, 2012
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Not all sharts are the equal. There are minor incident sharts, producing small skidmarks, and then there are major incident sharts, in which one must take immediate precautions to counteract effects on clothing and atmospheric odor. Major sharts produce more than a mere fecal matter 'dusting'; instead, they produce excrement product of the amount and color approximating a half eaten, completely and fully rotten apple, wholly browned and smushed and rubbed into the cotton fabric of some white (preferably heavily worn Fruit of the Loom) cotton underwear. This pair of underwear, in this case, is our Shart Cathedral: it is the vecile of evidence for this most breathtaking shart, evoking almost religious observation and worship.
Dude, that was quite a thunderous wet fart! Did you shart?

I dunno, I better check. I think i did quite a number on my tighty whities.

Dude, don't throw them away. Keep them as your Shart Cathedral.
by Bubber22 May 8, 2017
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a private school that is boys only (u can see where i am going with this) that is filled with a variety of dick heads and gay boys which think that their good at sports and paying for school makes u better then everybody else. when in reality they just give prep a bad rep and probably blow each other in the bath room. Just sayin
cathedral Prep kid: OMG We beat McDowell at football this year and i like men
Mcdowell kid : oh you must be from prep u FAGGOT
by They call me Carlos October 22, 2013
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An all boys Catholic high school in Erie, PA. Its full of atheltic fuckbags who all look like gay vampires. If they didn't recruit people for sports, no one would go there. Seriously, an all boys Catholic school. I wonder what goes on there .
Cathedral Prep is full of privileged jocks.
by Johnny America December 11, 2018
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Cathedral Prep is a school in Erie full of white dudes who like to touch each other because of the lack of women there. They think that holding there dicks in there hand is smart they kiss there teachers ass all day. Everyone therr is an uneducated SWINE! Thinking their better than everyone just cause they are good at sports. And also their parents spoil the shit out of them, its likely that some incest goes on between their family's.
George: Hey dude! Wheres the blow!
Bob: I found the blow
Clay: We need to get to school bros
George: Fuck off Clay, No one like Cathedral Prep
by ErieHighRoyal November 16, 2017
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Dark Cathedral is a powerful organization that weird a special power called Black dust, it can steal other peoples powers and use them while also killing that person. Dark Cathedral are now on earth and are trying to kill off all humans. But 3 heros, Dark Crimson Lord, Phantom Shogun, and Amber Angel are trying to dispose of them. :)

You can also blame every issue you have on them.
Amber: oh shoot Dark Cathedral just made me drop my plate
Crimson: oh no
Shogun: damn they suck
by Jubie-Jub January 30, 2022
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