Noun. What you call a place that is unfamiliar or far away. You usually end up in locations like this when other people need your help.
Dude! Why are you all the way in butt fuck egypt?
by Beanz M. March 8, 2017
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N. 1 any destination inconveinently far away. Originated from american slang.
(My car broke down, and now i have to walk to the party, which is in butt-Fucking-egypt!)
by Radical Edward July 10, 2004
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BUTT FUCK EGYPT The one and only definition according to my 102 year old grandfather who coined the phrase back in the Great War when he was stationed in in the middle of the desert in Egypt and was craving human sexual relief.
Flippity floo I aint had no people "tang" since I dun got put here in the middle of Butt Fuck Egypt.
by Profanisaurus Rex August 29, 2009
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East of the Mississippi River, North of the Ohio River, West of Indiana, and South of Interstate 64. A.k.a, Where I live. A.k.a, Southern Illinois*.

*Southern Illinois is often referred to as 'Little Egypt,' so this makes more sense :P
Random person: Where are you from?
Me: BFE.
Random person: Wtf?
Me: Butt Fuck Egypt.
Random person: ...Wtf?
Me: Southern Illinois.
Random person: poor creature..
by NutzNutzNutz October 23, 2010
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