When a situation arises that the resulting payoff is not worth the time , effort, or money to justify staying involved, ending in abandonment.
1. Tim and Marsha owed more on their mortgage than their house was worth. It ended up being a walk away.
2. "Julie is such a complaining bitch. I think I'm headed for a walk away."
3. "Forget it, man. You'll never see that money again. Walk away."
by modross March 3, 2008
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Waste of time, byebye, go away, mind your own business.. or when you ain't wanna know what Somebody interfere in your business or say word in
Elie : What are you saying for? Dude
Kamayi : What do you want?
Elie: just to help you out!

Kamayi: walk away! Bye for real.
by E.s.Kamayi7 February 3, 2023
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The act of taking a dump and when going to wipe realizing nothing is there and you're free to go.
"Dude when i took my shit earlier today it was a walk away!"
by lysolmax October 5, 2011
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The sweet sweet view from behind a pair of jiggling buns swaying from side to side and walking away from you.
Damn baby you are so fine. Now turn around and let me see your walk-away
by ChachMcCrotch March 21, 2008
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What Haley does after Katelyn and Jimmie do the djurgh thing.
Katelyn: Hey Jimmie. *DJURGH*
Jimmie: Haha!! *DJURGH*
Katelyn and Jimmie: *DJURGH*
Haley: does walking away walk
by Is This Necessary? August 24, 2008
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As in you could walk there in the time it takes you to smoke one cigarette. Some cigarettes take longer to smoke than others, and it also depends on the smokers consumptive velocity. One also has to factor in how fast one walks. However, a cigarette should take from 4-7 minutes in most instances.
by Smokr November 11, 2009
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A) what a dog does with anything it can't chew or play with

B ) a variation of 'spit on it and walk away': walk away, from any experience, even a negative one, with your head held high and move onto bigger and better things, rather than let said experience frustrate you.
In terms of anger management, our youth should learn what piss on it and walk away definition b) means.
by Sexydimma April 21, 2017
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