One of the largest and longest-lengthed rivers on the continent of North America. It runs from the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania all the way to the very southern tip of Illinois at a town called Cairo, whereupon it pours out into the Mighty Mississippi River.

It covers a length of well over 300 miles and creates the northern border for Kentucky and West Virginia, separating them from the rest of Midwest. This major waterway has been the lifesource for the people who have resided in this large Ohio River Valley since the dawn of the 1800s, and the Native Americans who predominantly occupied the region beforehand. The riverboat traffic on the Ohio as well as the major freshwater source was the number one reason for the development of such huge cities and large towns along the Ohio River. See Owensboro, Evansville, Cincinnati, Huntington, and Louisville.
The Ohio River as been used in trafficking supplies of natural resources like coal to other areas, as well as troop transports during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
by Journey Fan December 9, 2004
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A sexual act where 3 or more men masturbate on a womans neck and all the sperm drips down her back to her ass hole.
Dude i totally just pulled an Ohio river with 5 of my friends all over Kelly.
by Thecincinnatistalker1657 April 10, 2010
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The East Coast of the United States plus Mississippi, Kentucky and their border states.
As loved ones, we can enjoy the Northeast, Southeast, and the rest of the states that border Kentucky together any time! We’ll call all those states the Ohio River East.
by Ohio River East October 29, 2021
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