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A person who has been vaguely exposed to sex, drugs, profanities and doesnt have a tight grasp on reality.
Susie has a pair of virgin ears.
by Elena February 28, 2005

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A ghetto ass girl who hangs out with all the ghetto guys and thinks it's cute to be a slutt
gosh, victor hangs out with all the little hood rats
by Elena June 09, 2003

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When something is really far
You were gone forever yesterday cause you were all the way in butt fuck Egypt!!
by Elena June 09, 2003

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He's a great actor! very talented! he has an amazing voice -
I cant stop drooling everytime I listen to it. Dont ask me! why! I dont know... Maybe I have some form of rabbies
by elena May 16, 2004

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to spend money foolishly
I can't believe I saved up for prom night and all i have to show for it is a pic. and a kid!
by Elena June 09, 2003

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Sexy papi chulo lookin especially with does sexy greenish eyes of his, and his sexy voice.
He's Baby Bash.
Just look at him there's da example.
by ELENA December 28, 2003

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Short for titty fucking, used by me because I think titty fucking sounds too harsh to describe something that involves something as wonderful as breasts.
mmmmm.. you wanna tiff?
by elena April 07, 2005

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