n. American amateur raceway. Frequently becomes a facilitator for natural selection. Unfortunately, Interstate "natural selections" often involve normal drivers who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Syn: "Darwin's Little Helper"
Wow, those teens flipped that car while going 90 on the Interstate and weren't wearing seat belts. I guess they won't be breeding.
by ScabNainz January 31, 2005
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A public Playground where people speed for fun.
"i had a good time. i was doing 100."
by me December 25, 2003
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1. something that crosses two or more states
2. the name of a few highways in the U.S.
We are arriving at Interstate 210, please be ready to unbuckle. This is a bus rest station and this is your chance to go to the restroom, or buy something to eat.
by 25IMF June 26, 2019
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the time or duration in between two stings
During the intersting, my skin got very irritated
by Courtney January 30, 2004
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a slang word for an internal pain in the anus mainly caused by anal sex especially without lube.
best friend 1: so did you try anal on her?
best friend 2: yeah but afterwards she started complaining of intersting.
by the pickler August 17, 2010
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Baseball term that indicates that the player is batting for an average between .100 and .200. The term comes from the "1" at the start of the batting average looking like the "I" designation for the US interstate system and the other numbers relating to a specific interstate.
"How is player X doing this year?"
"Terrible, he's riding on the interstate, cruising down I-80."
by M Began June 8, 2019
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Finished in 1979, Interstate 5 was designed to be the world's largest parking lot, and from the get-go was an immediate success, offering spaces for millions of vehicles for cities and services stretching along the West Coast from Canada to Mexico.

One of the lot's biggest criticisms is the fact that it offers spaces that go through national forest land, the remote west side of the Central Valley, and over mountain passes despite lack of services and weather hazards, and as such these parts are very rarely used throughout the year. Wasted space is such a problem, in fact, that many people use it as a highway at speeds up to 70 MPH in these places in spite of its intended purpose. Uniquely for a parking lot, it also has problems with people trying to smuggle drugs and people in from both Canada and Mexico. Despite this, in urban areas it continues to be highly successful, and puts ordinary parking lots the world over to shame.
I left my car on Interstate 5 for two hours and hey, it was still there! There's also always construction, so, you know, the parking is always better and less bumpy! Maybe!
by Dattix July 23, 2015
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