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A dude or a lady who you don't know which means to be unfamiliar, unexpected, unspecified, unknown, and unique. Somebody who lives far away from you and your family or relatives, a person who you don't know from a different group.
Me: "I seen a stranger walked in the woods by herself and she is a random person who escaped from her neighborhood "😭😭😢

Me: "Umm... Ma'am can I help you?"
Random lady: "Yes. Would you please be my friend, cuz I don't have any friends to talk to". 😢😢
Me: "Sense you're a random person who is walking around in the woods by yourself, I'll do everything to protect you". ,🌈🤝
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1. A person does something suddenly.
2. A person you don't know.
3. Used in my examples, usually based on definition 2.
Random Person: "Hi. "
by 17G December 06, 2011
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