1 A holder for a girls breasts, boobs or whatever you like to call them.
2 Bra in Swedish means good
1 Man, this bra is hurting, or I love when i take my bra off at home, best part of the day!

2 Vad bra att du äntligen är hemma.
That was Swedish if someone did know, it means; Good that you are finally home.
by Luxic May 19, 2016
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she put on her bra then went to battle
by lalafas November 27, 2011
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a barrier known to all men, that is almost the only thing between us(males) and the holy mounds known as BOOBS, and if you didn't know that your a fuckin' moron.
"dude i was gettin' to 2nd base but i couln't get her bra off"
"bras at a tittie bar are almost as useless as beer at an AA meeting"
by nate-dogg January 21, 2003
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something that holds up your coconuts
I have a bra on
by bigjose November 23, 2018
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an item of clothing that covers the woman's breasts.

it serves as the woman's top underwear.
every man wishes for the bra to come off. it never does. if it does, they freak out.
by Me=Myself=I December 20, 2020
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a device to encage one's titties
this bra is too small my titties are popping out
by jeremy April 12, 2003
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She need a bigger bra becuase her current boulder holder didn't fit over her shoulders anymore.
by Kady90 October 13, 2005
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